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Health is a key driver behind the growing trend for veganism

Health is a key driver behind the growing trend for veganism and is also a priority for consumers due to the outbreak. For example, 17% of Spanish consumers agree that COVID-19 has made a vegan diet more appealing. This figure rises among younger consumers and peaks at 26% of 25-34s, according Mintel.

A study from The Vegan Society found that flexitarianism grew during lockdown, with one in five Brits reducing their meat intake, and 15% choosing to reduce their dairy and/or egg intake.

The pandemic has reinforced the importance of having a healthy immune system, and keeping healthy is paramount to consumers during this time. A quarter of French consumers claim to be eating more fruit and vegetables, rising to 39% of 16-24s.

Similarly, just over a third of UK consumers said that the outbreak has prompted them to add more nutrients that support the immune system to their diet. This rises to 54% of 16-24s.

Source: Mintel

With consumers increasingly concerned about their own health and wellness, plant-based brands need to emphasise the presence of inherent and added nutrition, and deliver functional health benefits, to appeal as part of a broader wellness regime.

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Source: Mintel

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