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Wellbeing: Food and Beverages are rising their attention on mental and emotional health

Wellbeing is undoubtedly a consideration for food, drink and foodservice decisions. Consumers will be looking for more products and services that offer mental and emotional health benefits.

Yet, food and drink continues to gain new collaborators (and competitors) as people adopt holistic definitions of health that transcend categories. Functional formulations and emotionally engaging multisensory products will help food, drink and foodservice brands command a larger share among myriad mental and emotional health options.

Use food as "medicine" is a trend that is growing and moving into the next years. Immunity, mood, energy, and digestive health are some of the most common health benefits people look for from foods and beverages.

This trend also include comfort and support, where brands can offer stressed consumers escape, peace and other emotional connections through product rituals. Multisensory products will be used to help people relax, enjoy a sense of adventure and connect with other people via shared experiences on social media.

Flavours, colours and textures are the key for comfort and wellbeing food and beverages, they can help to establish emotional connections with consumers. Ginger, citrus and botanical flavours are an example for healthy products, also lavender, rose, chamomile and indulgent profiles such as fudge, chocolate and Jaffa cake are linked with mood, and comfort trends.

As the singular focus of avoiding COVID-19 fades, people will make more serious commitments to reduce the health risks associated with unhealthy eating.

In the coming years, more brands will position themselves as mindful choices, for example, by facilitating reduction in alcohol consumption. Brands will also highlight nutrient density, a key concept of intuitive eating that focuses on food with a high ratio of beneficial nutrients compared to the number of calories, according to Mintel.

Source: Mintel 2021 Global Food & Drink Trends

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