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Our state of the art Krones line can fill a wide variety of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

Based in Knowsley, Liverpool we're well position to help get your product to market.

  • BRC A+ grade accredited

  • Run rate: 19,200 cans per hour

  • 150ml slim, 250ml slim, 330ml sleek cans available

  • Carbonation and flash pasteurisation modules attached

  • Automated end of line packaging

  • Ability to provide raw materials




We can fill a wide variety of products including spirits based alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, functional beverages, flavoured water, and sports nutrition.

Our Krones Modulfill has 32 filling heads giving us a capacity of 140 million cans per year.

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Outer Packaging

Packing capabilities include trays and box formats from 4 to 24 cans.

Batch Control & Traceability

Full traceability with batch code and expiry date printed on packaging as required.


Technical Support

In house technical team with testing facilities. Our site is BRC A+ Grade accredited.

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