Contract Canning

  • Based in Knowsley, UK.

  • BRC AA Grade Accredited.

  • Krones Modulfill installed 8th June 2022.

  • Run rate: 8000 cans per hour, rising to 15,000.*

  • 140 million cans per year capacity.*

  • 150ml - 500ml sizing options.

  • Carbonated, still, CO2 and flash pasteurization module attached.

  • MOQ 40,000.

  • Automated Packaging and Palletising. 

  • Ability to provide raw materials (flavours and commodity ingredients).
    *After installation of Krones Modulfill.

Significant investment into the canning sector of Blends Ltd will see our productivity increase dramatically. Our current line operates at 3000 cans per hour. Instalment of the Krones Modulfill will see us almost triple our capacity initially to 8000 cans per hour, rising to 15,000 and ultimately capping at 20,000 cans per hour. 

The Krones Modulfill also allows us to diversify our can size options. We currently offer 250ml slim and 330ml sleek. From 8th June we will be able to offer 150ml-500ml cans.

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