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Food and Beverage: Flavours and Ingredients for 'Mood Boost'

In the coming years, consumers will be looking for more products and services that offer mental and emotional health benefits. Functional formulations and emotionally engaging multisensory products will help food, drink and foodservice brands command a larger share among myriad mental and emotional health options.

As mood and emotional wellbeing become as important as physical wellbeing, brands have started innovating food and drink products that contribute to feelings of pleasure, satisfaction, mood enhancement and calming. Sleep is a vital, often neglected, component of overall health as it enables the body to repair and allows the mind to recharge. Studies reveal that sleep deficiency can affect mood and cognitive health.

The current global pandemic has worsened mental stress as it has completely disrupted everyday life due to public health actions such as social distancing, quarantine/self-isolation (measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19) that lead to the subjective feeling of loneliness.

The mood is the way that you feel at a particular time when we are happy we say we are in a good mood. Often our memories are linked to food or its flavour, and they create a feel which defines the frame of mind, thus when we consume that food or that flavour again we rekindle our memories creating the similar effects. Many factors determine what mood is created by which food.

Some flavours like chamomile in tea is widely popular as a means to help you relax, colas can energize, and berries are associated with healthy flavonoids that lift your mood. We also can see some ingredients becoming popular and associated with mood like CBD and mushroom, due to their nutritional or mood-enhancing properties.

Blends have a selected flavour range for mood boosting and comforting such as lavender, chamomile, rose, hibiscus, honey, fudge and more flavours that can bring good memories and health benefits.

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Source: Mintel

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