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Gamers | Nootropic Energy Drinks

In contrast to many other economic sectors that are drastically affected by the pandemic, the video game industry has been generally more resilient to this situation.

Further, with many people globally at home and unable to work, online gaming has seen record numbers of players during the pandemic as a popular activity to counter physical distancing for society, a practice recommended by the World Health Organisation which helped boost revenues for many companies in the gaming industry.

As the country enters a recession and recovers from the pandemic, players will look for games that can help them escape and unwind.

With this scenario, more gamers are looking for energy drinks that is going to give them an edge over the competitors. Nootropic drinks can provide a long lasting boost in focus and productivity without energy spikes or crashes.

In response to this demand, Blends developed Gamers Nootropic Energy Drinks that improve cognitive functions instead of simply providing energy. They contain vitamins, caffeine, green tea extract and zero sugar, made with amazing natural flavours.

Blends also work with canning line, offering the energy drink in cans of 250ml slim or 330ml sleek. We can help your business to develop any beverage, following the big trends in the market.

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