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Food & Beverage: Trends 21|22

Food and beverage trend predictions for 2021/2022, noting COVID-19’s massive disruption to the industry.

Eating / Cooking at Home / Comfort:

With economic concerns not easing and the potential for more lockdowns during the upcoming winter, consumers are looking to replicate restaurant experiences in the home kitchen. There's a need to be cosy and comfortable.

Values-Based Buying (Transparency):

Consumers are interested in learning more about where foods come from. Increasing transparency to meet evolving ethical, environmental and clean label consumer demands is key.

Global Travels Without Leaving Home:

With consumers sticking closer to home, global flavours offer culinary adventure instead of traveling, especially from less-familiar countries and regions.

Functional Ingredients (Power of the Gut, Boost Immunity, Body and Mind, Wellness):

The pandemic also has put health concerns front and centre and consumers will seek functional ingredients and benefits in their foods and beverages. Products that boost immunity and manage stress will be particularly in demand. Focus on CBD, chamomile, ginger and citrus fruit.

Plant-Based Continuing Revolution:

More a movement than a trend, plant-based earns a spot on this year’s list for its burgeoning growth during COVID-19 and for new formats that continue to transform the food and beverage market.

Animal vs Plant– Reductitarian will win the day. We’ll see a surge in products using the 50/50 method; substituting half the amount of meat for the plant, or half the dairy for nut milk.

Less Sugar and Natural Sugar:

Tied to attention to health, consumers are counterbalancing their desires to treat themselves with products that offer low sugar or natural sugar.


NPD is seeing staggering grown and claims on pack that relate to specific mood platforms. There is the potential to capture consumers with emerging mood platforms, for example products to help sleep, relax, anxiety.

Baby Food, All Grown Up:

Baby food is getting a culinary makeover with products featuring a wide range of healthy ingredients from purple carrots to omega-3-rich flaxeeds.

Boozed-Up Booch:

While hard seltzer burst onto the scene in 2020, next year, alcoholic kombuchas will be the next big trend in the beverage aisle.

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Source: Global Food Forums / Mintel

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