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CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is indisputably one of the hottest health topics right now, with CBD products now available on the high street in food and beverages and no longer restricted to supplements from a pharmacy.

The CBD found in food is usually taken from hemp oil, which contains less THC than that found in marijuana. While tests by the NHS are inconclusive, some studies have claimed CBD can be used for pain relief, easing anxiety and – in some cases – help to battle epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, with encouraging preliminary research into other major health issues such as cholesterol management, cancer and other mental health problems.

The products containing cannabinoids are considered novel foods. This applies to both the extracts themselves and any products to which they are added as an ingredient (such as hemp seed oil). This also applies to extracts of other plants containing cannabinoids. Synthetically obtained cannabinoids are considered as novel.

As mental well-being takes centre stage, a new generation of functional products are set to capture consumers imagination, with people going past basic nutrition and seeking out food and drinks with multiple wellbeing benefits.

It is a new dessert and beverage trend is sweeping the nation as a result of societal change. According to the National Restaurant Association’s 2019 culinary forecast, professional chefs said that CBD and cannabis-infused food and beverages will be the top culinary trend this year and the next.

A wide range of hemp-based edible products are available in many stores across the UK. CBD gummies, CBD soft gel capsules, ready-to-drink CBD beverages, as well as flavoured CBD tea and coffee are some of the popular products across the UK.

Our specialist team have developed CBD based products (CBD Isolate, CBD Distillate, CBD Water Soluble) for food, beverage and Eliquid industries, as well as cosmeceutical and topical applications such as mouth sprays, lip balms and muscle rubs. With our products your business can have the unique and the most authentic natural tastes for each sector and application.


MCT enhances absorption of CBD, not only does oil help with dosing, but oil also helps our bodies absorb more CBD. Our bodies need dietary fat to help us absorb everything from fat-soluble vitamins to therapeutic molecules like cannabidiol.

MCT oil is a particularly great match for CBD because it is absorbed by the body so quickly. And many people who take an MCT-based CBD oil report feeling the beneficial effects of CBD much sooner than compared to standard CBD oils.

Blends MCT oil offers consumers a potent source of essential fats which can help to enhance energy levels and boost cognitive function. The product is odourless and colourless, making it a convenient and effective source of important supplementary fats.


We also offer an extensive range of colours, flavours and ingredients specially developed for food, beverage and ELiquid industries. Our flavour portfolio contains over 20,000 products, made from both natural and non-natural ingredients. We offer Flavour Enhancers providing controlled flavour release and masking of unwanted flavours, such as the bitterness of some CBD ingredients.

Blends Ltd. are the largest independent distributor of glycerine to the food and beverage manufactures in the UK. Blends are able to offer a wide range of commodity ingredients suitable for multiple applications within the Bakery, Beverage, Dairy, Frozen Confectionery, Fish Baits, Eliquid, Sport Nutrition Industries and Pharmaceutical Industry. We offer a range of Emulsifiers & Humectants; Glycerine, MPG, Acidulants; Citric Acid, Antioxidants; Ascorbic Acid, Gums & Thickeners; Dextrose Monohydrate, Xanthan Gum. Preservatives + Mould Inhibitors, Potassium Sorbate, Sugars & Sweeteners; Sucralose, Ace K, Aspartame, Sodium Saccharin, Stevia, Sorbitol, Erithrytol and more.

Blends can help drive food business forward by offering bespoke Research & Development facilities for all your ideas and concept formulations, excellent customer service, confidential technical support and traceability management assistance for all business needs. Our advanced approach and our passion for health and taste mean our customers products impart maximum consumer appeal.

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