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Create your next award-winning product with our portfolio of +5,000 flavours!

Looking to create your new best-selling product?

Our expert NPD team creates new, exciting and bespoke flavours with our creation, application and matching services to meet your product and development needs.

With a portfolio of well over 1500 flavours* (from Apple to Yuzu), we provide a range of high-quality flavours, colours and ingredients suitable for the Beverage, Bakery, Confectionery, Dairy, and Sports Nutrition industries (and the list goes on!).

*PS. Available in both natural and non-natural form as liquid and powder!

Create award-winning products
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Includes:  Soft Drinks, Alcohol, Sparkling & Flavoured Water, Soda, Juice, Energy Drinks, Functional, Beverages, Tea & Coffee, Syrups!


Includes: Home Baking, Cakes & Muffins, Breads, Cookies & Biscuits, Desserts & Sweet Goods.

Sports Nutrition

Includes: Whey Protein Powder. Supplements, Pre-workout shots, Gels!


Includes: Hard Boiled, Chews, Gums, Jellies.


Includes: Ice Cream, Yoghurt, Cream, Butter, Custard, Milk.

Flavours for your industry!

Seasonal flavour trend:

Cinnamon bun flavour

Available now!

Seasonal flavour trend:

Cookies & Cream

Available now!

Seasonal flavour trend:

Apple pie

Available now!

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Want to know how we create award-winning products?

Placing an order with us to develop your product is easier than you think! Watch Meline, our Head of Innovation & Flavourist, taking you through our process from start to finish.

Meet our NPD team!

Head of Innovation

& Flavourist


NPD Innovation





NPD Innovation



We're trusted by +500 brands globally!

"Due to Blends expertise within the flavours industry, utilising their comprehensive flavour laboratory & passionate flavour technicians they can offer a holistic approach to co-packing – providing their customers the opportunity to develop, refine and improve their products from a simple concept to a final consumer beverage."

Business Unit Manager


"I know we are far from an “ideal” customer. Blends has truly been an “ideal” supplier and I couldn’t ask for anything more. 

To be located in the United States and know they are just a quick message or call away is such a comforting feeling. For all the suppliers I work with around the world I use Blends as the golden standard."

Senior Operational Analyst

Congo Brands

"Blends simplifies the supply chain like no other, and we are proud to be a part of their journey. Their dedication to streamlining processes not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that the final product is of the highest quality. Blends is a visionary collaborator who constantly challenges the status quo and drives us to deliver excellence."

Key Account Manager

Ardagh Metal Packaging-Europe

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