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Vape | The Unique Sensory Experience

Blends Ltd. offer an award winning range of flavours and ingredients specially developed for eLiquid industry.

Our elements are organised like a Periodic Table, arranging different flavours with differing properties in groups and sets to enable you to be the super creative Mad Scientists and Mixologists and develop your own Flavour Fantasies.

At the heart of everything we do is the quality and integrity of our product, we analyse every chemical compound in our flavour concentrates ensuring we offer the cleanest, CMR free juices in the UK Market, without compromise on taste or performance. Our flavours come with full TPD support, including the qualitative and quantitative release of CAS, EINECS and FEMA Data.

The quest to discover the finest, most exceptional flavours of the highest quality is one we embark on together with our customers and we are constantly innovating and evolving to create a broader range of new and exciting concepts with different sensory experiences for vapes.

When it comes to developing eLiquid flavours, we are passionate about creating unique sensory experiences for every kind of Vaper. We understand that your vape needs change, depending on the time of the day, your mood, what you’re doing, where you are and even who you’re with. In order to understand what works for you and why, we’ve had to combine the Arts of Science, Sociology and Psychology to create an exceptional range of high performance eLiquids to suit your every need.

Using Blends Flavour Elements you can create your own unique vape sensations. Truly exclusive combinations that will cause a “Big Bang” in the industry!

Flavour Boosters & Enhancers

We developed Boosters and Enhancers to tweak our Flavour Concentrates and Blends. They can enhance creamy notes and mellow out sourness and help you adjust the levels to your required taste.

VAPE ENHANCER: A Sweetener based on ethyl maltol.

VAPE FIZZ: Adds acidity with a slight carbonation feel.

VAPE SOUR: Ideal for making fruits, sherbets and citrus more acidic.

VAPE TART: Adds a really nice tart/acidity great with fruits.

VAPE TINGLE: Give your vapes a mouth feel tingling sensation, brings out the fizz in sodas etc.

BAKE BOOST: Enriches biscuit and pastry notes.

BERRY SWEET: Perfect with berries or red fruits.

BITTER BOOST: Used with alcohol type flavours this enhances the boozy profile of the vape.

BROWN BOOST: Used with sweet flavours to add a caramel type note.

CREAM SWEET: Adds an indulgent richness to vanilla or milky tones.

DAIRY SWEET: Perfect for enhancing dairy and ice cream type flavours.

RED SWEET: Adds depth and body to berries and currants.

VANILLA BOOSTER: Softens out any lingering brown tones.

CBD BOOST: CBD products are odourless and tasteless & boost your favourite e-juices.

Available in a variety of containers including poly, drum, IBC and bulk tank.


Vegetable Glycerine is a clear, viscous liquid and has a minimum purity of 99.7%.

This product meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and complies with the purity requirements of the Commission Regulation (EU) 231/2012. Obtained from non-GMO vegetable fats, this product possesses the highest purity.


Mono propylene glycol (also known as propylene glycol, PG, propan1, 2diol and MPG) is a clear, colourless, and viscous liquid with a faint_sweet taste. Our USP grade is of the highest purity, produces a_high_flavour intensity and throat hit.

Using PG vapor feels warmer since it takes less time and power for Propylene Glycol to reach the level of vapourisation.

Blends can help drive your business forward by offering bespoke Research & Development facilities, excellent customer service, confidential technical support and traceability management assistance for all business needs.

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