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Scandinavian Flavours is a Big Trend in the World

Last year, we saw the growing flavour trend in botanicals, both floral and herbal and in 2020 this will continue at maximum pace seeing more and more spirits, tonics and mixers introduced with these interesting and premium sounding blends, encouraging consumers to experiment with food and drink and give new and better taste experiences.

Global brands are capitalising on positive nutrition to explore more “functional” ingredients. A new wave of ingredients promising a range of different, specific health and wellness benefits.

Perhaps this is the reason why we are searching for new worlds to explore. And to do that we use a fork as a compass and gastronomic guidebooks as maps to discover what’s cooking in other people’s pots. The farther away a dish is from our tastes, our customs and traditions, the more it seems to us to be worth a trip.

The approach toward ethnic culture can be associated with this, mainly through restaurants: Chinese, Indian, Tex-Mex, Spanish, and – perhaps more in line with a healthier food vision – Japanese cuisine are appreciated in English-speaking and Mediterranean countries. At the same time, interest in “exotic” foods is not limited only to ethnic cuisine, but also concerns the production of unusual culinary combinations.

The influence of New Nordic Cuisine can be seen in restaurants, farm-to-table efforts, and public policy around environment, agriculture, and nutrition. The 21st century has seen an evolution in Nordic food culture that focuses increasingly on regional producers, seasonal ingredients, sustainable food systems, and modern nutrition science.

This movement reflects Nordic values of caring for the environment, promoting the health and well being of all citizens, and celebrating the unique natural and cultural resources of the Nordic region.

The Scandinavian New Nordic Cuisine movement reveals its ambition to exalt the pure and simple flavours and products of Scandinavian lands. In fact, it proposes to exclusively rely on distinctive ingredients from the area, preserving their natural aromas and reducing the addition of fats to a minimum. Furthermore, the idea of naturalness does not provide for man’s intervention in agriculture and, in order to find the necessary foods.

Scandinavian flavours are getting a lot of attention in the UK right now with some traditional ingredients such as cinnamon, cardamom, herbs, spices, fruit, berries, floral and vegetables.

Blends Flavours & Colours offer a wide range of global flavours. We are able to supply Scandinavian flavours such as Liquorice, Cloudberry, Saffron, Lingonberry, Sea Buckthorn, Vanilla, Blueberries, Elderberries and more.

We are constantly searching for and developing market-leading technologies and ingredients, this combination promises tailored flavour solutions and unique taste sensations. Our portfolio of products protects these flavours from exposure to evaporation, oxidation, base reactions, extreme pH, heat and light throughout the manufacturing and distribution process. The final product is delivered to consumers is bursting with flavour.

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