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Florals, Sweet Herbs and Botanicals it's a Trend for 2019/2020

Last year we saw the growing flavour trend in botanical, both floral and herbal and in 2019 this continue at maximum pace seeing more and more spirits, tonics and mixers introduced with these interesting and premium sounding blends, encouraging consumers to experiment with food and drink and give new and better taste experiences.

It is not just the alcohol and beverage area where these are going to appear bakery, confectionery and even dairy categories will look and need to bring these botanical to the market.

There is greater acceptance for floral and herbal profiles in new beverage and bakery applications. This aligns well into the functional space where a lot of these herbs have therapeutic qualities that interest an increasing health conscious consumer base who want more than just a food.

Using floral and botanical flavours enables manufacturers to create new dimensions and add richer tastes to existing products. Manufacturers can create innovative taste profiles by pairing niche botanical profiles with more familiar fruits and vegetables.

Though exotic spices and floral will continue to grab consumers attention, the recent focus on provenance of products and the drive to “eat local” pushes locally grown ingredients to the forefront.

This trend has been led by the premium spirits market and can already be seen in soft drinks, confectionery and bakery.

Blends offer an award winning range of natural and non natural flavourings for bakery industry and beverage industries (soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, dairy and sport nutrition).

We track and connect every product in our portfolio with Global and Domestic market trends in order to stay ahead of the curve and create the most authentic natural tastes for each Sector. Every product has been tried and tested in application to ensure optimum flavour experience for our customers and your brands.

For you see our flavour list, just click here!

If you have a brand and would like to know more about how our business can help your company, contact us! A specialist of our team will answer all your questions.


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