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Christmas: What to expect?

2020 has been a year of uncertainty, due to the pandemic, many companies in the world are with difficulties to carry on with their business. In the UK, a second lockdown affect consumers nearly of the Christmas time.

In uncertain times we look to what we know, nostalgia helps us overcome uncertainty. Comforting custard and hot puddings increased by over 20%, despite the significantly warmer weather over the spring and summer. Customer favourites included apple pie, and chocolate and syrup sponge puddings.

This is a year of treating ourselves to a little luxury, and we’ll all need something a bit shows topping to enjoy during video calls with friends and family around the world throughout the festive season.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and associated economic downturn, has resulted in consumers looking for more ways to treat themselves, especially as they are spending more time at home. Innovative and exciting flavours can spur impulse purchase and can help consumers to not only satisfy cravings, but also offer emotional benefits.


Brands can spur impulse purchasing and win over new consumers by innovating with flavours which are unexpected yet complementary (eg chilli-infused hot cross buns). Cake makers can also enhance the eating experience with new formats, like dipping sauces.

Reformulating with less processed and more natural ingredients will appeal to consumers who are concerned about the composition of retail cakes.

The increased consumer scrutiny of companies' ethical and sustainability credentials should encourage cake brands to increase their use of recyclable, recycled and sustainable packaging. More brands can also support ethical and environmental initiatives.

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Source: Mintel GNPD

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