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Blends Ltd introduces canning line to meet the demand for sustainable packaging

Sustainability is driving major changes in consumer packaging. In the past few years, packaged goods manufacturers and retailers have started to make commitments to act on packaging waste.

Greater awareness by consumers surrounding the impact of their diet on the environment means that they are now scrutinising their food choices for more than just their health credentials. This interest will only grow in 2021, when consumers will be looking for more ‘natural’ foods that are less processed and have less packaging. It is also expected that they will look for greater traceability; knowing the journey the food has been on, from farm to fork, and minimising plastic packaging and waste.

Alongside these developments, the behaviour of millennials is actively shaping the beverage industry, as they look for products to improve their physical and emotional health, as well as to help the environment.

The new pressures to reduce the environmental impact of packaging, comply with regulations, and satisfy consumer preferences, are going to require brands to make new investments, and undertake major scale-up of their innovation capacity.

Blends Ltd, who have always operated with an environmentally conscious ethos, and already offer options of their popular glass and recyclable plastic bottle ranges, are now expanding their offering by investing in a canning line. This move builds on the company’s excellent commitment to the environment whilst meeting the new consumer demand.

“We have found that it is Blends who have been driving this change in packaging with our customers, providing solutions prior to the customer’s request” said Mark Nicolson – Head of Internal Sales at Blends.

Now with the new line, Blends will be able to offer cans of 150ml, 250ml slim and 330ml sleek. “Because cans are infinitely recyclable, they are one of the best options for the environment. Also, they can protect the quality of beverages with their lightproof capacity, which is better for the brand, as well as the end consumer” said Anne Wiziack – Marketing and Graphic Designer at Blends.

Blends Ltd aims to reach more customers with the canning line, offering an initial capacity of 18 million units per year. Blends have also invested in new labs and technical teams to offer an all encompassing service, providing not only packaging solutions, but also bespoke solutions for beverage products, covering everything from flavours to colours and commodity ingredients.

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