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Dear Customer,

We know these are difficult times for everyone and we're all trying our hardest to 'carry on as normal', despite the constant worrying and sometimes contradictory news coming out of social media.

We are taking our responsibilities to respond to Coronavirus -COVID-19 really seriously. We consider our staff and customers health, safety & wellbeing the most important aspect of our business. We do not want to put anyone at any unnecessary risk and are therefore being proactive in implementing our plans to protect our staff and our customers alike.

Here at Blends it is business as usual, but we will be taking the following measures during these uncertain times.

• Onsite visits/meetings to Blends will be suspended

• Presentations/meetings at any customer sites will be suspended

• Additional cleaning materials/anti-bacterial hand cleanser available around Blends sites

• Delivery drivers to follow strict guidelines to help limit the spread of bacteria

• Staff to work from home where available

Hopefully implementing home working will allow us to maintain our level of service to our customers whilst protecting our staff. Health authorities believe it is a critical measure in slowing the COVID-19's spread, and if social distancing is a way of doing that, we want to do what we can in order to assist in these measures.

COVID-19 has presented extraordinary challenges that were hard to imagine a few months ago but we at Blends will continue to keep following all guidelines set out by the experts and will communicate any changes with you as the situation evolves.

If you have any concerns or questions, then please do contact us on 0151548 3000 and we'll do our best to help you in any way we can.

Yours Sincerely

Mike Rowark Managing Director

Blends Limited

Tel : 0151 548 3000 | email;

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